When turning on the computer there is no display and 5 beeps from the motherboard speaker.


The 5-Beep code indicates that the Initial Display Output device cannot detect a monitor attached.

If it does not detect a display on this default device, it will not search out a secondary option and set the beep alerts.

The default BIOS settings on are:

Peripherals / Initial Display Output = PCIe 1 Slot (default), IGFX, PCIe 2 Slot

Chipset / Internal Graphics = Auto (default). Enabled, Disabled

If a graphics card is not installed in the system please verify that the cable and connections to the monitor are good.

If all connections are verified and the error persists, then there is a problem with the Motherboard or CPU.

Please open a ticket to begin the RMA process.

If there is a graphics card installed, make sure that the monitor cable is using the video card.

Relocate cables if not plugged into the correct Initial Display Output as shown above.

If the cables were correctly using the video card and there is no display, remove the video card from the system and test with connection to the motherboard graphics ports.

If the display comes up with no card installed and the above BIOS settings are at their defaults then the card is defective.

Please open a ticket to begin the RMA process.