Power LED flashes quickly after power on, flashing 4 times per second (no memory or memory error)
---Please remove and reseat the memory on the computer or swap with modules from another working computer.

---Contact Ace Support for possible BIOS update if unit comes up after moving modules around.

Power LED flashes slowly after power on, flashing once every 2 seconds (no video card or video card error)
---Please confirm that you are plugged into the video card (if installed) and using an approved cable/adapter to connect to your monitor.
---Units that do not support integrated processor graphics off the motherboard will have a label placed by the ports to indicate "do not use".

The Power LED flashes super slowly, the light is on for 4 seconds, and the light is off for 4 seconds (no boot device or boot device error)
---In BIOS, under Boot, confirm if it shows Windows Boot Loader or other OS
---In BIOS, proceed to Advanced, NVME and confirm if a drive is present in the list